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Let's face it.

Running a medical practice expensive. A steady flow of new patients you can rely on each month is the only sure-fire way to keep up with growing costs and changing regulations and grow your practice.

You need a system in place to put your practice in front of just the people searching for your services over and over.  More specifically, a system that targets the exact type of patients that can grow your bottom line.

You can attempt to do this yourself, even test the waters with one of those firms you saw on a billboard that will do internet marketing for anyone and everyone.


You can discover the system I've put in place specifically for Eye Care Practices to bring in the exact type of patients you want to see more of.  Qualified patients that are serious about following through with the care only you can provide.

You’ll see your ad campaign investment - and your practice - taking off!

By taking the steps to take advantage of the click-to-call culture, and with the help of a digital marketing expert, there’s no reason your practice can’t be the one that is thriving. See more new patients walking through your front door every month.

Let your practice be the one announcing the grand opening of a new location! Make your competitors wondering what your secret is!

Do you want to learn more about how your eye care practice can harness the power of the Internet to start consistently generating new patients month after month?

Apply for a complimentary digital marketing strategy session with me, Michael Lanctot. I’ll show you how – for free. At the end of this free session, you can choose to take this information to implement it yourself; or you can hire me (or somebody else) to do it for you.

When you apply for a free consultation, there’s no obligation to work with me or use my services; though, of course, I’d love to help you implement my proven system.

There’s absolutely no risk when you say yes to this free call.

Don’t you think it’s time for your eye care practice to be the one getting noticed? Take advantage of the essential strategy that other practices are using to dominate the eye care market to benefit your practice!

Thank you for reading this.

I’m Mike Lanctot, owner of EMS Optix, and I specialize in helping ophthalmologists and eye care professionals acquire 20, 30, even 50 or more new patients every month.

How? By placing their practices directly in front of the patients already looking for their services.

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