About Michael Lanctot & EMS Optix

My humble beginnings as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer.

Michael Lanctot

CEO, Director

My background started in graphic design initially working for an advertising specialty company creating catalogs filled with anything you could put a logo on and followed that by a direct mail marketing company that focused on the health insurance industry. From there I began my web development career in the mid 90s when my family’s business said they needed a website. The web was new and I had to figure it out.

Since then I’ve worked on lots of websites for lots of different types of businesses!

Due to a family tragedy that meant needing to be readily available for our daughter, I knew I couldn’t work 9 to 5 for someone else. I developed strong work ethic and became an expert at working from anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

Similar to how many practice owners spread their marketing budget across many different platforms hoping one of them will keep the phone ringing, I was spreading myself too thin. I would cast a net in every direction to find any type of business looking for a website and digital marketing services. The problem with casting such a large net was there was no predicability in what I was going to catch and most of the time they had a unique set of requirements and problems to solve, each with a steep learning curve.

When I decided to take a hard look at what I was doing and make a change to focus on the specific clients and services that were producing the best results, the transformation was profound. Not just for my business but for my clients as well.

As a result, EMS Optix specializes in helping Ophthalmologists and Eye Care professionals grow their practices and revenue by driving qualified patients, who are looking for their services, to their website and converting them into new patients.